A Husky Boy / A Mothers Laugh


In order for me to share this story with you I must first let you in on a little know fact.  When I was a young boy I was a little husky.  Well that was what they called it back in my days.  This husky boy preferred shopping in the husky section with his mother then in the fat section.  So for me I was just a husky young boy.

Well now I should get on with the story.  I really do not remember just how old I was but one school morning I awoke and realized that I forgot to study for a test. This realization produced both fear and a giant pain in my tummy.  Well I could not tell my mother that I forgot about the test so instead I just told her about the pain.

In fact, the pain was so bad that I was not even hungry for one of the three most important meals of the day, breakfast!  Well my hard to explain tummy problem did not seem to concern my mommy but for her husky boy to not eat his breakfast that was of concern.  Soon my loving mommy decided that I was to stay home from school that day.  Just like that my tummy felt better.
I was young but even then I knew that if I told my mommy that my tummy felt better I would be sent to school.  So off to my room I went.  Oh yes, I went to my room without breakfast.

I was hungry.  I stayed in my room.  Fear of the test was stronger than the giant hungry pains.  I was going to be tough.  I could make it to lunch time.  Gosh would I need to skip lunch?  I sure hope not.  So in my room I stayed.  Now my tummy hurt from the lack of breakfast.

Shortly my mom came to my room and with a happy sound in her voice informed me that I had an appointment with the doctor today.  I could see that this made my mother happy.  I was happy too.  I did not need to go to school and take that test.  Soon it was time to go to the doctor’s office.  My tummy did not hurt but I was too sacred to say that so off to the doctors we went.

What a good doctor.  He had squeezed me into his very busy schedule.  So there in the waiting area we sat, Dad, mom and me.  Time seemed to move very slowly and my lack of breakfast just made the time move much more slowly.  Oh my gosh it was lunch time and it looked like mom and dad did not bring anything to eat.  Now I was not only hungry from missing breakfast, I would be starving from a lack of lunch.  All I could think about was me starving to death!

Finally it was my turn.  Mom and I went into the doctors treatment room and dad stayed in the waiting room.  In time the doctor arrived.

The doctor did all of the things a doctor does in the treatment room.  He talked to my mother, he took my blood pressure, he asked me where it hurt when he touched my tummy.  Once he had completed his tests he turned to my mother and said “Rose, I can find nothing wrong with your son, John”.  He knew that I had faked my tummy problem.  What could I do?

The next thing I knew was that I spoke up and informed the doctor that I knew what was wrong.  Both my mother and the doctor turned and looked at me.  The doctor then asked me what I thought was wrong with my tummy.  I was now on the spot they were both looking at me and they were waiting for me to give them the answer to my hurt tummy.  I was a smart child and this was not the time to tell the doctor and my mother about the test at school and how it had scared me and gave me a tummy problem.  But what could I say?

Into my mind popped the only reason I could think off.  Driven by hunger from missing both lunch and breakfast I said
“My mother is starving me to death.”

The look on my mother’s face told me I had made a mistake.  The doctor just looked at me in total disbelief.  My explanation was not the answer.  I was going to be doomed just as soon as I got home.  Yes it was a very difficult time for me at such an early age.  However, this event taught my beautiful mother to laugh instead of being embarrassed.  Yes this was the start of my mothers wonderful laugh.

I love my Mom and Dad


My father learned to motivate young people from this event in our lives.  Trying hard to remember I think that I needed some type of project for either the cub scouts or for school.  I choose to show how a light bulb works.  Out into my fathers’ workshop I went ready to build my project.  I had a book that showed how me how to set up the AC source, the light and a switch that would enable me to turn the light on and off.  My dad’s workshop had everything I needed for this project.  Soon I had mounted a light fixture and the switch to a board that was large enough for me to include notes about the flow of electricity.  I attached my notes and felt that this project was almost complete; all that was left was to wire everything together.  Slowly and very carefully I followed the diagram in the book.  I started with the plug for the AC power source (the receptacle) by attaching two wires directly to the plug.  I then took one of the wires to the switch, and created the necessary break in the circuit that would allow me to turn the light on and off.  This wire was cut and I attached both to the switch.  I continued with this wire until I reached the light fixture.  I was more than half way done with the project and was very proud that everything was going so well.  All that was needed for me to complete the circuit was a final wire from the plug to the light fixture.  I had already connected a wire to the plug so I took that wire directly to the light fixture.  The project was complete but just to be sure I checked everything using my book as the guide.  It was totally correct, I was happy the project was complete.  It was right about now that I decided to test it once more by plugging it into the AC source and test the switch.  I plugged my project into the receptacle.  With a flash of blue light, followed by darkness, and then I saw the notes on my project had begun to burn.  I was scared so I turned and started to run out of the workshop.  I ran right into my father who was running into the workshop.

Dad saw what was happening and soon had his workshop back the way it should have been.  My project was burnt and just sitting on the workbench.  With a concerned look my dad asked what had happened.  I explained about my project.  I showed him my book.  I told him that I checked everything and it was correct.  I just did not know what made my project try to burn down the workshop.  He looked at my project and quickly informed me that I needed to use insulated wire not bare wire.  With a smile he then told me that god made some people talented with their hands and other people are talented with their brain.  He went on to say that he felt God may have put my talent in my mind and maybe I should plan to go to college and use my mind instead of my hands.  I am happy to say that after multiple incidents where I tried to use my hands I realized my father was right.  I went to college and after college attended graduate school and was successful in business.  This taught my father the art of motivating someone into a viable career.

I just want all of you to know how hard I worked to mold your Non and Pops into such wonderful people.  I think that is why it took me twenty-seven years to finally grow up and mature.  I could do it all over once more so long as I could start with two wonderful people just like your Non and Pops.  I sure do miss my mom and dad lots.

Another Learning Event for Mom and Dad

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Another time, when I was in grammar school, I choose to run away from my school.  I left the school grounds and tried to find my father, your Pops.  Yes I was in some kind of trouble at school and in fact I was sent to the principal’s office when this thought of running away popped into my head.  So before going to the principal’s office, I left school.  I do not know how long it took me to walk around but somehow I found my dad’s car.  I got into the car to wait for him.  I soon fell asleep and was awaken by my dad.  He explained that the school had called my mom, stating that they did not know where I was and that they were looking for me but that I may have left the school grounds.  My mom then called my dad and she was very worried and wanted my dad to stop working and find her son.  My dad called mom and explained that he had found me and that we were on our way home.  On the drive home I tried my best to explain why I choose to run away from school and my dad listened and only asked questions that helped me explain better.  Soon we were home and my mother flew out the door and picked me up out of the car.  She was telling me how worried she was about me running away.  Next thing I knew she wanted to punish me for running away.  I was then sent to my room and my mom and dad talked about the incident.  Later my dad talked to me some more and explained what I had done that was so bad.  I promised never to run away from school again and I kept my word.  I am sure that this little episode not only changed both of my parent’s life.  It also taught them the understanding that no matter how bad it may sound a bad penny is never lost for long and it always comes back.

Oh yes there was the time when my mom sent me to my room to wait until my father got home.  I knew I was in big trouble because I knew what I had done.  However, in my mind if only I could get to my father first then it would not be so bad because it would be my side of the story he first heard.  This started my escapes from my room so I could run down the street to wait for my dad.  When I saw his car I would flag him down, jump in the car, and start telling him my side of the story.  Again he would listen and when we arrived home I would go into my bedroom and wait.  Later he would come into my room and tell me what I had done wrong and what punishment went with the infraction.  I soon learned that this escape and wait program did not work as I was also being punished for escaping.  It took time but this too helped my father to listen (without laughter) and not be distracted by silly excuses.

Mellowing my Mom and Dad!


At the request of my children and my nephew’s and niece’s I am going to tell some stories about growing up in the Giudicessi Family home.  It is my opinion that these stories must be told before my mind starts to wander or become fuddled with random thoughts. This story will take a few days to complete but I am sure you will want to remember it for all times.  Let me know how much you enjoy my stories.

Your Non and Pops my Mother and Father.

Long before the two people you know as Non and Pops, I knew them as mom and dad.  Yes, I was there before most of you.  There was only one person ahead of me, Maryanne.  However, soon after her birth she spent most of her time at my grandfather and grandmother Federico’s home.  Just like all the other big sisters in the world she was a pain for her much younger brother, John.  Well back to my story about my mother and father.  You should know that in the beginning they were not as perfect as they were to their grandchildren.

They were mellowed over the years just like great wine.  This mellowing did not occur in a small oak barrel, it occurred a little each day over twenty-seven years trying to mature their oldest boy child.  Yes it was your uncle John who blazed a path that provided the necessary trials that changed your Non and Pops into such wonderful people.  Please do not get me wrong, my mom and dad were really good people but to be great you must be tested by fire.  I was the flame heck sometimes I was the furnace in the life of my parents.  Oh yes my sister Maryanne was so busy communicating the stories the teachers wanted her to tell my parents that she had no time to be bad.

I could relate many little stories about me growing up that tested my loving parents.  However, I will just limit it to a few to save time.  I can recall the time, prior to my entering grammar school, when I was behaving like any normal four year old boy and my mother was talking with her mother and sister.  My mom asked me to sit down and to be quiet.  I did, and after thirty or forty seconds went back to my normal behavior.  This continued for some time and the more it continued the more my actions annoyed my mother.  In desperation she chased me from the living room to my bedroom where I was to stay until her guests leave.  That was a fate I could not suffer so I started to cry and scream.  Lucky for me my aunt came to my rescue.  She asked my mother to stop beating me because all she could hear were my screams.  My mother who had not laid a hand or for that matter had not even touched me just looked at her sister and said “I have not touched him yet, but just wait until you leave”.  Well both my grandmother and my aunt left and my mom did not hit me.  This event helped your Non to learn patience.


Background on the author of Happiness in Retirement


Hello! My name is John and I choose to start this blog in the hope that it could provide some happiness to others. It is all about one of life’s major change, retirement. Yes, I retired from the world were you are paid for working. I joined the new world of retired people who no longer need to work and get paid. Life is different in this land.

First let me tell you something about myself. I started working at the young age of 12 and enjoyed earning my own money. The jobs at first were very manual and routine for a young man. I delivered papers, cut lawns, and preformed various cleaning tasks. Prior to my thirteen birthday I secured a job as the clean up boy at a local meat market.

The job at the meat market started after school and for a few hours on Saturday. At first, I would empty the bone barrels, scrub the cutting blocks, clean the floor and add new sawdust, empty the trash. The job was very simple and it allowed me the opportunity to ask questions and learn by observation some of the duties of a butcher. I learned that the Enthusiasm I displayed about my job and the job of the butchers earned me the honor to expand my duties.

Soon I was making hamburger, creating Italian sausage, cutting whole chickens into pieces, and other junior butcher tasks. One day my boss presented me with my own set of knifes and I became responsible for a section of the meat counter. I was on my way to becoming a full fledge butcher. By the time I turned fifteen I was waiting on customers and providing the standard services that the other butchers provided. I was earning money and happy.

I had money in the bank, I had a nice bike, life was good and I was happy. Then girls started to look very interesting. In fact the more I looked at girls the more interesting they looked. Soon my life changed and there was girls, work and oh yes school.

I quit this job in order to concentrate more on school. My work history aided me in being able to secure other jobs that allowed me to focus more on college. Soon I was working nights and attending school during the day. I earned both a BS and an MBA. During my college days my life revolved around school, working and my girl.

Well I will not take you through my entire work history. However you should know that I have been working full time starting at the age of 18. As an additional comment I have paid into the USA SSA FUND 100% of the maximum allowed, for each year that I worked. That represents a total of 49 years. My contribution to the fund has been $xyz.

My life continued and during most of my 49 working for pay years, I was accompanied by my wife. She was my girl, the job was my work, and earning my degrees the school part of my life.

We were blessed with two children and I know and understand how time consuming they are. My wife always informed me that grandchildren were our reward for not driving our children away. I was so lucky I have six grandchildren. When I was young I thought often of how times consuming my two children were for me. I had no idea as to how much time grandchildren wanted and needed.

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