“Oh my gosh”, today I learned how foolish I was in my early life.  For those of you who do not know me let me explain.  I happen to be one person who has tried to keep my birthday private. I did not want co-workers, vendors or people other than my family to feel obligated to greet or treat me different on my birthday.  I have been happy in the illusion that my birthday was something only my family and I shared.  Oh what a fool I was.  This month marked a major event in the life of people growing older.  It is the trigger for all US workers to apply for Medicare.  Yes, this month was exactly 90 days before my 65th birthday.

I cannot tell you the total number of e-mails, letters, packets or phone calls from people informing me of the importance of this month.  At first, I was not very surprised.  The person who was informing me about the months’ importance for me was a representative of a company I Googled to consider as a supplemental to Medicare.  Shortly thereafter I was receiving greetings from other Medicare supplemental insurance companies.  Next, greetings from the individuals representing Medicare advantage companies.  I was no longer surprised but how did they

What gave me away?  Do the Companies share information?  Is there someone watching everything we Google?  How do these individuals of Companies learn such information about me?   Is the DMV the culprit?  I have been traveling more for enjoyment does the passport agency provide information.  Oh no, is someone reading my e-mail.  I wonder if I will learn the secret to this leak of private information.  I will save
this topic for another blog.  I will resolve to learn what I can about this information leak.  For this moment all I can do is delete the e-mails, trash the mail, and not answer the phone.

During this deluge of information, I realized that I must learn enough information so I did not hurt my small nest egg that was positioned to carry me through my golden years.  Quickly I called my finance adviser and was assured by him that he had the cost of medical insurance budgeted into my golden years plan.  Happy again, vacations here we come.

I do not know about the rest of the people who already turned 65 but I found the information difficult to find let alone understand.  It took me weeks to gather the relevant data and another few days to finally make my decisions.  With this information and my sound decisions I started the process of completing the necessary applications.  Once I had completed the application forms, I realized that the insurance companies knew more about me than I knew about myself.

Think about everything we must tell our insurance companies.  They know about our assets, from homes, to jewelry, to cars, collections, heck anything we need to ensure the insurance companies know.  Gee, I never thought about it but as long as I have been ensured medically the insurance company knew in detail about me.  Well that just makes me feel so good.  I now realize I am an open book without any secrets.

They probably know:

the first girl that kissed me, the first boy who hit me in the face, my first car, the first girl I took on a date, and lots of things I wish I did not know about myself my gosh the list goes on and on,

Wow I have no secrets.