Photos of the completed Bathroom


Bathroom – completed


After short discussions between Marti and I that it was soon decided that we were going to hire a professional person to handle the installation. She assured me that she knew I was capable to install it myself but it was heavy work and she did not want me to hurt myself. So we hired a skilled local individual named Mathew. It was another good decision because his professional skills enabled him to handle the normal challenges that always occur with home projects. Removing the wall, resetting the pocket door, modification of the marble splash guards, and modifying the plumbing to fit the new vanity were a few of the challenges. After watching Mathew deal with the challenges my feelings did not hurt and I was happy Marti insisted that we hire a professional.

With the completion of the bathroom vanity, and marble counter top I was to be moved from my “cute” plastic container, to three drawers. What luck it only took months of discussion, months of looking for just the right cabinet, months to secure a real marble counter top at a fair price, and a skilled professional individual to install it all. Now I could move from my “cute” plastic container to a set of three drawers. Oh no I was only able to fill one drawer and a small part of another drawer. Again Marti came to my rescue and filled my empty drawer. Well I am sure that I do not need more than one and one half drawers in the bathroom.

Should you need the help or assistance of a professional – give Mathew a call I am sure you will be pleased. Call him at 1 (831) 212-8930

Remodel the Bathroom

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Lucky for me I found a young lady who helped me to purchase a marble counter top for a fair price. She was working for a stone company that I had not yet visited. I drove over to the stone company expecting to get the same treatment as before but instead I was surprised by this honest young girl. Instead of insisting that I must purchase a full slab of marble she offered me a remnant at less than half the price of a full slab. My measurements for the counter top and splash guards were estimated to use a little more than half of a full slab. She had just offered to locate me a marble remnant and sell it to me for a fair price. She did charge me to cut the stone but explained why it was not necessary to polish all cuts. This reduced the cost of labor by one-third. As for the delivery of the marble the manager said that he would delivery it for no additional cost. I was happy I had found a fair store. I put half down and awaited the delivery of my marble counter top.

The young lady informed me once she had located a marble remnant large enough to complete my order. The store manager instructed me how to make a template thereby reducing the cost to zero for professional measurements. I completed the template as well as providing the template for the undermount sink, and the template for the facet. The counter top was scheduled to be completed and we were soon to have a remodeled bathroom. Marti had found the vanity she wanted. The color was perfect with a simple shaker style. It had a total of six drawers with three on each side. It included a large central storage area and just needed some minor modification to improve the use of this large area. Marti was so happy to have found a vanity cabinet in a style that meet her taste and the dark wood stain that went great with her light wood floors. This cabinet along with the marble counter were ready to be installed.

Finding the Marble Counter Top

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The search began in the big city of San Jose, California. I searched multiple marble and granite shops to understand the material and labor price for Italian marble. I soon learned that I could purchase a slap of marble, or partial prepared counter tops in either eight or ten foot lengths. Then they added additional charges for cutting the marble to size and polishing. I soon found that my taking notes had an extra advantage. The people who sell real stone for counter tops have multiple ways to increase their profit based on the customers’ lack of knowledge. An additional charges for a smooth polish finish was one method to increase total sells, this was after charging to cut the stone to size thereby creating the rough edge.

The one charge I liked most was a charge to come to the house and measure the area so the stone fit perfectly. As the customer you were informed that unless this was done correctly you may need to return the counter top for additional cuts and polishing. Some sellers of stone included one cut or one to polish one side, others wanted to charge for delivery as well as installation. It seems to me that as soon as they had a real customer the game was to get the most total sells dollars possible. I dislike games but I have learned to play throughout my life. Instead of playing the game I tried to find someone who would treat me fair.

Time to remodel the BATHROOM.


Marti has a little “Honey Do” or the bathroom “do”

This all started after I moved into Marti’s house. Marti’s husband passed away three years before I entered the picture. With his passing and after the grieving time the bathroom next to the master bedroom became all Marti’s. And as we all were taught in school a void is never left void something will always fill the void. Marti filled the void in the master bathroom with more and more of her stuff. By the time of my arrival there was no space open for my few items. These few items are important to me as they consist of the following: Shaving Cream, a razor, a toothbrush, a bar of man’s soap, toothpaste, deodorant, aftershave, shampoo, and hair conditioner.

I soon learned to keep my few items in my travel bag. This helped me to keep these items together as well as easy to take with me when exiting the bathroom. Marti was not happy with this arrangement and felt that I should have a “wicker” basket. The “wicker” basket would replace my travel bag. The thought of me walking out of the bathroom with a “wicker” basket did not picture well in my mind. I thanked Marti for her wonderful idea and tried to explain my feelings about “wicker”. It was still early in the relationship so my feelings won over decor. The next day Marti presented me with what she said was a cute clear plastic container that could function in place of my travel bag.

What could I do? I moved my things out of my travel bag and arranged them in the “cute” plastic container. Yes she had gotten around my objections again.  Just so you know I have learned to just live with these little setbacks. Well as you can imagine this did not end with the “cute” plastic container. I could see her mind starting to work overtime. After a few weeks Marti had another idea. She wanted to replace her pedestal sink with a bathroom vanity. Not just any vanity it must be one that she likes and it must have drawers on each side. The top must be Italian Marble, with splash sides double the height (so not four inches but eight inches). Oh yes the sink must be the kind that is mounted under the vanity top. (I soon learned that this was called a undermount sink by the sales people) Marti did not want something like the rest of the world she had to have the unique undermount sink.