Marti’s Birthday Party in the Grand Cayman Island

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The morning was very pleasant. I walked all the way to the Turtle Nest Inn and back. That is a total of six miles round trip! Wow that is an all time best for me. I can tell you that the last half mile was very difficult. I ended the walk with a dip in the pool.

Marti wants to go into the ocean today. We will be trying the sea-side today. It is much different from the protected side (seven mile beach). That beach was mostly a sandy underwater environment. The sea-side should have more sea life. I hope to see a sea turtle.

What a wonderful time I had swimming around the reef. I saw lots of fish, small fish, big fish, two conch and some things I was not sure just what they were. We swam through the turtle grass, over the coral, and close to the sandy bottom. I had a really great time and do not remember swimming as far as the two of us swam. By the time I was tired and ready to call it a day I had not seen a sea turtle. Well maybe next time. We left the ocean and swam in the pool to clean off the salt water. Then it was off to the store for some last-minute items for Marti’s special birthday dinner. After shopping we returned home and started to rest before preparing the birthday dinner. I slept for over one hour and that helped me by recharging my battery.
Soon after my nap I was working on Marti’s birthday dinner. I prepared some of her most favorite items. We had Italian rolled steak (rouchalie, which I don’t know how to spell), cauliflower with peas, crispy French bread, sweet potatoes, and both wine and champagne. For dessert we had a chocolate cake with pokadots. Pat and Will from across the street, also referred as “the Opposites” joined us for dinner. Dinner was wonderful and after Marti opened her gifts, which included a stylish purse from Anne and a purse holder from Pat, we called it a night and went to sleep.

The next day it was time to head for home. I packed the bags. We said our goodbyes and headed to the airport. Oh no we had to go back to retrieve Marty’s glasses and say goodbye again. I will miss this island and of course little Olive.

The Grand Cayman Island – continues

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Still tired from yesterday’s walking I only walked three miles but it only took me fifty minutes. Not too bad for an old man. Next we were off to the Jewelry stores for Marti’s combined birthday/valentines gift. This time we were able to find just the right item. I was so happy. Marti was very happy. We were both happy and then we were hungry. Off to a special place for lunch.

Next we were shopping for dinner items for the four of us. Kirks had everything we were looking for. Steaks, chicken, cheese, and other needed items. After a stop by the Ice Cream section we completed our shopping and were returning to home. Tonight I will make dinner for Bill and Anne.

Well dinner was a success. We had chicken, pasta with vegetables, corn muffins, and a cucumber salad. This was followed by a scope of Ben &Jerry’s Chunky Monkey ice cream. Dinner and wonderful conversation ended our day.

Grand Cayman Island – Botanic Park – continues

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We are planning to go to the Botanic Park. I am sure it will be lots of fun with lots to see and learn. First I needed to take my walk. I was in a very good mood for my walk. It was not as hot and the air was a little less moist. I walked for five and one half miles. The time to walk that long was just one hour and thirty five minutes. On my return I showered and we were soon on our way to the Botanic Park. On entering the park we noticed lots of signs warning that Iguanas may sleep under your car so before leaving check under your car for any blue Iguanas. Starting at the visitor’s center, we were soon off to visit the Orchid garden that was still under development. It is the Cayman winter so we did not see much in bloom. On the path we saw a large Cayman Blue Iguana. It was very tame and we were able to take photos of this rare but lovely animal. Leaving the Orchid garden we found our way to the Heritage garden and saw many trees that grow the island. I was surprised to learn that the Avocado tree is a native plant. We then walked through the Flora Colour Garden. All the plants that are sold by my home for indoor beauty were here outside doing well and growing with little effort. A walk through the Palm Garden was next with caution signs all about. It seems that falling coconuts are very dangerous and can even kill you if it hits your head. We then sat in a lovely rest area were we encountered another Cayman Blue Iguana. He too posed for a photo opportunity. After a short rest we were off to explore the Woodland Trail. During this walk we saw a snake, birds, one very strange bird, and some very nice humans. Soon we were back to the car and ready to head for Bill and Anne’s home. Before leaving we both looked under the rental car and were. happy to learn that no Iguanas choose our car to sleep under. We returned home and cleaned up for a visit to a local art showr at the Ritz Carlton. The art show was very nice with both paintings and sculptures. Bill seemed to know most of the artists and we were able to have some of the artists explain their process to us. Besides, being beautiful we were educated about how some items are created. What a fun evening. On leaving the exhibit we went to dinner at a very nice place, joined by some friends of Bill’s and Anne’s. It was late when we arrived home and soon we were all asleep.

Grand Cayman Island – Continues


Tuesday started off with a wonderful walk followed by a swim in the pool. Then we were off to shop in the one and only city on the island, Georgetown. I was able to find the boys some nice shirts, and we found some bracelets for some of the girls. We did not find Marti her combined birthday/Valentines gift but we stopped at all the jewelry stores. Lucky for me they had chairs in some of the stores and I was able to sit for most of her shopping day. Tonight we are going to hear a local band and then we will eat.

Well we arrived just a little early for the band, so we went to dinner first. We ate at Casanova’s right on the beach. The view from our table included two pirate ships and three other boats. The food was good with Marti having pasta and tuna and I had chicken. As always we shared our dinner with each other. We enjoyed dinner with Bill, Anne and their neighbor, Pat. The conversation was enjoyable as was the company. Soon we were off to the roof top bar for the band. We stayed much too long. The music was fun and the band was having such a good time that we just could not leave. It was a night of country western music. Not the current rockabilly but music from the fifties and early sixties. The band played two songs based on my requests. I was familiar with each song they played. In fact Bill was surprised that I knew all the words to most of the songs played.

The Cayman Trip – Continues

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Back to my activity for Monday. Marti and I chose to drive to Rum Point for the day. We left the house around noon time and were soon stopping at a small place that was right on the sea’s edge. Marti ordered fish and chips and I ordered a hamburger. We shared our lunch with each other and we were able to experience different items with just one meal. The fish and chips were much better than my hamburger. I will try to do better next time.

After lunch we headed to Rum Point and we were almost ready to enjoy a swim in the lagoon. But as the normal items happen, I soon realized that I forgot to place my swim trunks in the car. Lucky for me there was a shop at the point and for just $50.00 I was able to swim that afternoon. Boy do I need to remember items much better. So in addition to my two pair of swim suits I am the proud owner of a third pair. The lagoon was beautiful and Marti was soon in the water. She is a good swimmer and the cold water did not affect her at all. In fact she thought that the water was very warm. As I watched her enjoy the water I could sit on the side only so long. Into the water I went. Boy was the water cold. I was brave, so I walked out into the water. As the water reached my knees I know it would take extra time to get used to the cold. I continued walking and soon I was up to about mid-thigh. Getting used to the water was taking me some time and Marti was splashing me and telling me to “man up” and just jump into the water. It took me a little extra time but soon I was under the water and swimming with the fishes. I think Marti got so tired of waiting for me to start swimming that she had enough swimming so she took up the sun bathing position on the shore. I was now happily swimming around the lagoon and soon saw some fish. Marti returned to the water and soon we were having fun swimming and playing under water tag. It was lots of fun. I was lucky in that I saw lots of fish as well as some stingrays. Soon we were tired so we returned home.

On the way back we stopped at the store and picked up a few items for dinner. We started dinner and with the arrival of Anne from work we were soon enjoying drinks and waiting for dinner to be ready. Well you guessed it we were distracted by the drinks and the conversation and I burned the sweet potatoes. Oh well, I guess people like the taste of burned sweet potatoes because they were all gone by the time dinner was over. I may need to make that one of my special plates. We enjoyed dinner of oven baked vegetables, pork tenderloin, cucumber salad, and very well done sweet potatoes. We talked and visited until 9:30pm, late for us, and then headed off to bed.

Marti’s Birthday in the Grand Cayman – Continues

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Oh my god the brunch was Great. I had fish, crab, sausage, bacon, fruit, and lamb. We ate for hours. Then we were off to the beach just 50 yards ahead of where we ate.

Soon we were heading back with the girls in one car and the guys in another car. The guys stopped over at Bills friend Pete and we assisted Pete with some work in the soon to be new home. We also visited Pete, his wife, the dog and a catholic priest, Father Mike.

I think it is time to introduce you to my new girlfriend. She is a widow as well but she is a little more assertive than other widows I have met. Her name is Olive and she is very cute. She likes to fly over to me and she walks all over my shoulders. She will give me kisses and she asks to have her head rubbed. She is a very cute parrot all the way from Columbia. We are getting along great. I did not know just how special she could be but she stole my heart.
Good news. I have been walking each day after my arrival to Grand Cayman Island. Sunday started off with a 55 minute walk that covered three miles. I was walking with Anne and she showed me around the area. It was fun and I was able to set up my walks for the following days. Monday, I walked for one hour and ten minutes and covered three and six tents of a mile. Tuesday, I walked for around one hour and twenty minutes and logged four and one tenth miles. I hope that I can maintain this healthy activity.

Birthday Trip – Grand Cayman Island

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Marti’s Birthday Trip to the Grand Cayman Island – February 2011

Today is the second day of my vacation.  At this time I would like to start my vacation notes.

We left Aptos, CA once Marti arrived home from working Friday.  We headed to Millbrae, CA for our short night stay at the La Quinta Hotel.  We choose this hotel because it had a park, stay, and fly service.  The room was ok but we were hungry so we went looking for someplace to eat dinner.  Lucky for us we saw a cafe that was very packed with people and after driving for more than thirty minutes we were getting hungry so we selected the cafe for dinner.  Walking to the cafe we noticed that it was an Italian cafe.  We felt very lucky.  After being seated, we ordered our dinner and waited for our meals to arrive.  I ordered pasta with vegetables and Marti ordered pasta with chicken.  As always we shared our dinner with each other.  My pasta was a little undercooked but Marti was not.  The meal was just so so but it did not matter we were on our way to the Grand Cayman Island.  We returned to the hotel and were fast asleep.  The alarm went off at 3:00 am and soon we were at SFO heading to our flight to Miami. The flight was ok and soon we were in the Duty Free Shop securing some gifts for Bill and Anne.  We boarded our flight to the Island and away we went.  Soon we were landing on the island and as we were walking to the terminal we saw Anne and Bill waving.  We waved back and proceeded to the customs office.  After paying a little duty we were allowed to enter the Grand Cayman Island. We meet up with Bill and Anne and after our hello’s we headed to the car rental office.  We have a nice four door car to drive around the island.

We left the airport and headed to Bill and Anne’s place.  On our arrival I was so impressed.  Their home is beautiful.  The lot is located directly on the sea-side.  They have a pool that looks like it extends out into the sea.  Anne decorated the inside of the home with items collected by both
Bill and Anne.  Wherever I looked there was beauty and something to tease y mind.  That night we talked and talked until we became tired and all headed to our rooms for the night we just in time to see the beautiful sun rise.  What a way to start my day.  Soon Anne and I were off on our early morning walk.  She showed me around the neighborhood and soon we were back after a short walk of three miles.  I was very tired.  Anne walks very fast and I needed to ask her to walk just a little slower.  So we strolled the last half of mile.  It is warm and humid so back to the shower before we headed out to a super place for brunch.