Heading Home from the NE USA

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We are both tired and just a little uncomfortable in the car. It is the day before we fly out of Boston and we are leaving Maine. We are heading to our hotel that should be very close to the Logan Airport. However, we wanted to make a stop in Salem, MA for our last little bit of sightseeing and lunch. Well we must be getting tired. First I was trying to navigate and we missed the turnoff for Salem. Backtracking (and changing the navigator) we headed back and soon found our way to Salem. Boy oh boy was it packed. We waited and crawled slowly in heavy traffic. On reaching the parking lot we found that they wanted $20.00 to park for just two hours! It seems that they were having some major event with streets closed and thousands of people walking around in costumes. Departing this mess of people and congested streets we were on our way to our hotel by the Boston Logan Airport. Well at this point I should inform you that each time I have been in Boston I have got myself lost. This day was to keep me in form. After about ninety minutes of driving I realized how lost I was. We had passed the airport and ended up somewhere. We still do not know where we were and we do not care to learn. We were lucky that when I listened closely to my navigator we were able to find our way out and locate another hotel that provided better directions to our hotel. It was late when we arrived so we ordered food to be delivered to our room and planned to depart with enough time that should we get lost again we could still catch our flight.

We checked out of the hotel and were lucky to find the airport on our first try. We turned in the rental car, and took the bus to the terminal. Check in was fast and soon we were in the club for our wait to board the plane. It is always nice to be heading home.

Hello the State of Maine

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The next morning we headed to the State of Maine. It was a very nice drive even though we were in the path of the rain from the “Nor-Easterner” storm. Even with the heavy rain the country side was beautiful. We arrived in the town of Camden and soon found our “Bed and Breakfast Inn”. The inn was named “The Maine Stay Inn” and it was run by a married couple who had emigrated from Italy just one year ago. They explained that it had always been their plan to immigrate to the USA. The Inn and the town of Camden were so charming that instead of staying just one night we stayed for two nights. We enjoyed our first dinner meal at a place called the “Sheppard’s Pie”. The food was excellent and the service was fast and courteous. On our last night we walked along the rim of the harbor and selected a small place with a grand view of the harbor. Our dinner was not as good as the night before but the view was peaceful and beautiful.

At the start of our second day in Maine we went for a very long drive. We were out to see the beauty of the Maine coast. We set our goals of visiting two different lighthouses at different points along the Maine coast. The first was a very famous small lighthouse. This lighthouse looked so small I do not know how it could signal any vessel. The second lighthouse was positioned at the very top of a hill overlooking both land and ocean. It fit the image in my mind of a real Maine lighthouse. The first lighthouse seemed very wimpy. The second lighthouse was the one I thought we would see at both locations. After this long drive to see the two lighthouses we headed back to the city of Camden. Once inside the city we headed to the Camden Hills State Park. This park overlooked the town of Camden as well as the Atlantic Ocean. The site was very beautiful and breathtaking, and we took lots of photos. The city of Camden was the only place we stayed for more than one night. The people and the surrounding area were peaceful and very relaxing. I was very sad when we had to leave and Marti expressed the same sadness.

Good-by Canada – Hello New Hampshier


Our first stopping point after departing Canada was Littleton, New Hampshire. We spent a long time on the roads prior to our arrival in Littleton. We were both happy to arrive but we were most happy to remove ourselves from the rental car. We had spent a little over six hours driving to Littleton. Driving time was equal to about four hours and sightseeing accounted for two hours. Again we found that by traveling on the two lane road took more time but the sights were well worth the extra drive time. We stopped often and enjoyed not only the fall colors but a walk to a beautiful water fall. We found that stopping at visitor centers was very rewarding for the information provided. We learned about visiting visitor centers from our first stop when we thought we were lost after we entered Vermont. The centers are full of information about the local area and the staff is very helpful in assisting us in locating items we wanted to stop and visit. In fact it was at the visitors’ center that I learned about the covered bridges.

We arrived at the hotel around 4:30pm and were just very tired and choose to just eat snacks for dinner. After a very restful night we headed to the “Bay Point Inn” in New Hampshire. The drive was short and we arrived at the inn early. We drove around the town but that took just under one hour so we stopped at the inn to see if they could direct us to some local activity. Instead of directing us away from the inn they welcomed us into the Inn and allowed us to check into the room at that time. In addition to our early check in our innkeeper was able to upgrade us to a room overlooking the lake. This place took on a very special meaning for both Marti and me. The room was lovely and gave off a charm from the 1920’s. The lake was very beautiful and a storm (a Nor’Eastern) was coming in. I laid down to rest just a little and very soon I was fast asleep. Marti had been lying beside me and we had planned to rest for a short time and then take a walk around the village. Well with me fast asleep Marti said that she tried to wake me and after a couple of tries left for the walk around the lake without me. She walked for over one hour before she returned to our room and woke me just prior to dinner. We had reservations for 7:00 pm in a wonderful little Italian restaurant. Marti and I enjoyed a meal of baked Artichoke with blue cheese, Calamari with hot peppers and wonderful pasta with chicken. At the end of dinner we ordered a lovely lemon cake with berries and much to my surprise the entire staff delivered my desert singing “Happy Birthday” with one lady blowing a very loud out of tune horn. I was very embarrassed but it was too late to do anything but enjoy the moment.

Beautiful Quebec

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I was tired from driving so Marti drove into the city of Quebec. I was fast asleep in the passenger seat. She woke me as we arrived at our Hotel. This city is very impressive and beautiful. Our hotel was located in the newer part of the city, just outside the old historic city of Quebec. Our room on the tenth floor had a beautiful view of the old historic city and the wall that surrounded and protected the old city. We tried to drive through the historic city but gave up because it was 5:00 pm and rush hour and the traffic was very heavy. Instead we parked the car at the hotel and walked over to the old city. What a pleasant walk, we crossed the park and entered the old city from the far gate. Once inside the wall we found a city very similar to European cities of the past. There were items of interest as well as lots of tourists’ shops to visit. We saw just how much the Canadians enjoyed Halloween. The old city had witches, scarecrows, goblins, pumpkin heads and more everywhere. We saw an elegant hotel high on a hill overlooking the St. Lawrence River. We were able to view the St. Lawrence River and took multiple photos in order to remember its beauty. We returned to the hotel in the late evening and prepared for pleasant night’s sleep. The next morning we were awoke and soon we were headed out of Canada and off to New Hampshire.

In to Canada

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After a very restless night (I was excited about entering Canada) we headed off to Canada. Our destination was the city of Montreal. What can I say the northern area of Vermont is spectacular. The trees as well as the plants were showing beautiful colors and the roadside was alive with small farms, and multiple streams. I was surprised at how beautiful and less populated this area is in comparison to the bay area in California. We crossed the border and the view along the roadside changed instantly. We were no longer on a road cutting through a heavy forest of trees spotted with the occasional farm. We were in an area of cleared land used to grow corn. All we could see was one farm after another and this view repeated all the way to the city of Montreal. We arrived at Montreal and soon we were looking at tourist sites in the city. I was very surprised at how crowded for a Monday the streets were with cars. In fact, we found that the tourist sites were also very crowded with people. The crowds made our site seeing very difficult. It seemed that we went from one traffic jam to another. In addition to the very heavy traffic parking was just as difficult. Once we found a place to park the crowds slowed our walking and we found taking photos difficult. We gave up trying to see any tourists site and returned to the hotel. Once safe in our hotel we soon learned that it was the time of year when Canadians celebrated their Thanksgiving Time Holiday. We chose to end the day at the hotel and start over the next day.

The next morning we checked out of the hotel and headed to the highest point in Montreal. We had tried this yesterday and were unable to even get close. This morning we arrived quickly and were able to pick from a plethora of open parking locations. The holiday time had ended for the Canadians so we did not experience any traffic congestion or throngs of people. After our visit to the highest point in Montreal and our stroll through the park we were on our way to the historic city of Quebec.

North Eastern USA

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Early the next morning we departed the hotel and headed quickly to another covered bridge. Again, I felt just like Clint Eastwood taking photos of the second covered bridge. We also saw some beaver homes in the river as well as some beaver dams. This trip was exploding with much more sites than just fall foliage. Along the way we saw lots of signs informing us that Moose cross the road so we paid much more attention looking for a wild Moose. The closer we got to Burlington, VT the more things we saw. I was sad that a wild Moose was not something either Marti or I was able to spot. Soon we were stopped at “Ben and Jerry’s” ice cream factory. It was nice and we got a photo of an ice cream Sunday but it was not all that I was hoping it would be. We were quickly off to our hotel for the night and planning our next day as we needed to cross over the border into Canada.

Another fall vacation – the New England States and Canada

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Our Trip to New England and Canada October 2010

Marti and I started this journey from our home in Aptos, California much earlier than our departure date of October 7, 2010. First we discussed where we may go. After multiple ideas were discussed it was decided that a trip to peek at the fall foliage was something we both would enjoy. Once we had agreement we then needed to plan our excursion. With consideration given for schedules and vacation time it was agreed that we would depart on October 7, 2010 and return on October 19, 2010.

We departed our home in Aptos on October 7 heading to San Jose, CA to spend the night with my daughter Susan and her family. The following morning we arrived at the San Jose Airport and boarded the first class section of a plane to Dallas, TX. (Yes, all that traveling for business had some perks) At Dallas we boarded another plane and headed to Boston Mass. On our arrival to the Logan Airport we headed straight to the Avis center and picked up our car for this special journey.

Soon we were headed into the City of Boston. We went straight to our hotel in Revere, MA for the night. After our arrival at the hotel we headed out to find a place for dinner. We were lucky to find a small little place that served warm sandwiches. Early the next day we were on our way but prior to leaving Revere we headed back into Boston and stopped to visit the Boston Commons. Marti and I enjoyed a walk through the park taking photos and enjoying the beautiful sunny day. We walked down an old Boston street and saw how the city was trying to renovate older sections of the town. Then we were off to the Boston harbor (remember the tea party) as well as stopping at several churches. We enjoyed a wonderful lunch at Legal Seafood (if it is not fresh, it is not Legal). After a late lunch we were on our way to peek at the fall colors.

After lunch at Legal Seafood we were off to Brattlebro, VT. The drive into the northern side of the state of MA was very enjoyable and both Marti and I were happy and excited about the upcoming sites. Along the way we saw some fall foliage but it only wet our appetite for what was to come. The drive was slow and peaceful as we enjoyed the trees in fall colors that were along the way. Soon we were entering the State of Vermont. We stopped at a State of Vermont Welcome Center. With this stop we learned just how helpful they would be along the way. We choose a two lane road best known for the variety of trees, therefore the most colors. The colors were bright and something I had never seen before. I explained to Marti how my mother, Rose, always said that the one thing she missed after moving to California was the fall colors. I could see why she said this about the fall foliage. I am very happy my mother told me about this and that I followed up and choose to see the fall foliage even if it was in the fall of my life. We arrived at our hotel but prior to our arrival we stopped to see a covered bridge. We took pictures of the bridge and I felt like Clint Eastwood in his movie “Bridges of Madison County”