Help me to make my blog better


Hello Everyone who reads my Blog,
I need your help! Please let me know what you like about my blog and what you would like me to post. I am in a transision mode right now and you inputs will be great. As of right now I have the following:
My Colonoscopy
Another normal day
Marti has a little “Honey Do” or the bathroom “do”
Our trip to Spain and Portugal – May 2011

Items I am working on as I type this.
Planning for our trips in 2012.
My youth.

Please please let me know what you might like


I am back! Vacation is over. Hello everyone – sorry for the gap in publishing.

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Ola everyone! I have returned from our vacation in Ecuador. I am very busy writting up the trip. It will be posted after I post some other items. My first posting will do with the Giudicessi Family Reunion. Please take a look and provide me with your comments.

Marti and I are on Vacation in Ecuador

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Sorry for the delay in posting to my blog but Marti and I are on vacation in Ecuador after my return I will start to post again please stand by!

On Vacation in Ecuador


Marti and I will be on vacation visiting the lovely Country of Ecuador until the end of the month. Please have a little patience and I will restart my blog on October 1, 2011. Thank you

Well I finally found out how to download my photos.

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In about one week I should be able to provide photos to the Giudicessi Family reunion. I needed to order a CD with the photos. It seems that when I choose shutterfly to upload I thought I could download but I could not. So had to order a CD with all my photos. It just cost 20.00 bucks but worth it for me. So starting tommorow I will provide you with some of my other mistakes.

Little Problems

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I am very sorry but I am experiencing problems at this time.  The photos taken at the reunion are on another website and I do not know how to download or transfer them to wordpress.  If anyone can help me please contact me asap.  I have written the blog on the Giudicessi Family Reunion but can not place the photos into the writing.  Please have a little patience with me.

Coming Soon – Two Family Reunions

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This month I had the honor to attend two family reunions. The first one I attended was for the Casolary family. I am sure you will enjoy my story about that party. The next reunion was the Frank and Rose Giudicessi family. They were my mother and father and between my brother and two sisters we had ten children, many grandchildren, and a few great grandchildren. I hope you enjoy my stories and the few photos.