I Washed a Sweater


I then met Marti and after some time spent getting to know each other we moved in together.  I was retired and she is still working.  I try to help out by cooking dinner, picking up items from various stores, maintaining the home in as neat as possible condition, and doing our laundry.  I not only do the laundry I also fold and put the newly laundered items where they belong.  Things were great, I was feeling like I was contributing and Marti was happy just working on her job.

One day Marti saw a sweater on-line that she just had to purchase.  When it arrived she was so happy.  The very next day she wore it to work.  She just loved her new sweater.  It went with a few of Marti’s outfits, it was soft, and just warm enough for our winter time.  Then one day I saw it in the laundry area.  I sorted it into the cold water load because it had a white base color with multiple colors in the design of the sweater.  With confidence it was placed into the washer.  I heard the washer signal that the load was done and unloaded the washer.  To keep colors from fading faster I hang most cold water items to dry.  Sweaters are always either laid out or hung to dry.  Marti’s new sweater felt just a little moist so I choose to hang it up as I did not think it would stretch.

Something was different but I just was not sure what was different so I completed the wash.  When Marti returned home from work she saw her sweater and quickly took it down.  “What happened to my new sweater” she said.    With pride I said that I had washed it.  She then held it up to her chest.  I now knew what was wrong.  The sweater had shrunk many sizes smaller.  In fact, it was no longer an adult sweater, nor was it a sweater for young ladies, it may fit a small toddler but that was all.  I was crushed what was I to do?  I had shrunk Marti’s new perfect sweater.  I am NOT the Great Washer Man any longer.  I am just the man who shrunk her new sweater.


My Wash Day Story


I have been asked to switch from writing about my trips out of the country to items of interest about me and items of a more timely nature.  So based on these requests I am trying different items.  Please let me know if this is something you like.  Send me a comment, or click the like button.


Some time ago I began to do laundry.  It was not very difficult or so I thought.  In time, I learned to understand the purpose for various soaps, additives and the importance of hot, cold and warm water.  Each time I did laundry I learned just a little more about cleaning fabrics.  I discovered that it was easy to sort laundry so similar items could be cleaned and then dried.  I learned the tricks to made fabric soft and fresh so it felt better than new when it touched your skin.

The biggest secret was the art of folding items of clothing once they exited the dryer. I learned to fold clothes just the way we find them in stores.  I watched the sales staffs fold the merchandise for as long as I dared.  Then I would practice at home trying to do the same with my items of clothing.  When I purchased something new I would take my time to unfold the items and then try and fold it back into the same.  I soon became someone who could fold just about anything that needed to be washed.

With the ability of being able to do laundry and the skill of an expert folder, wash days were not a drag for me.  This ability aided me in my travels because I could pack less and folded items stored much more neatly in my suitcase.  I was the Great Washer Man!

(Tomorrow will be the final part of this story)