Grandma Deb and little Alexxis!

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I would like to introduce my daughter, Deb and her family.  Deb lives in the state of California and resides just a three hour drive from my home.  Deb has four children.  Her oldest is her son Jordan, followed by her daughters Caitlin, Abby and Braylin.  She has a granddaughter Alexxis, who is Jordan’s daughter.  Jordan made me a happy great grandfather just about three years ago.  Alexxis will celebrate her birthday this May, she will be three.

Alexxis is a beautiful young girl and a happy child.  Her Grandmother tries very hard to spoil her with lots of love.  As my Great granddaughter all I can do is show her that I love her and that I am happy just to spend a little time with her.  Oh yes, I do wish her a very Happy Birthday.

I am very proud of the way my daughter, Deb treats her grandchild. I am also proud of everything my daughter has done to improve her life.  Deb has returned to school to start a new career this late in her life.  She attends school and works gaining valuable experience. I see her as a positive example for her four children and her only great grandchild.  I hope she keeps following her dream and succeeds on her new path.

Deb’s two oldest children, Jordan and Caitlin have left the nest of their mother’s home and started life as responsible adults.  Jordan is trying very hard to seek a path for his future that includes his family.  Caitlin wants to become a police officer and will be starting college soon.  Deb continues to guide and advise her two adult children with very positive results.

With her two youngest children still at home Deb provides them with all the love and guidance possible.  Little Abby wants to work in the theater when she grows up either as an actor or dancer.  Abby is currently taking tap, ballet and jazz dance lessons with the hopes of becoming a triple threat. I just love watching Abby grow.  Braylin the youngest child is becoming her own little person.  She was a very shy child who spoke very little and just wanted to spend time with her mother and father.  That has now changed.  Braylin has found her voice and loves to talk about her adventures at school, her friends and her dog.  She is a pleasure to watch as she grows up. I am sure she will grow into a happy and loving adult.

Now I would like to share some current photos with you of Deb and her family.

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Braylin’s Birthday Party

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Braylin’s Birthday Party & Visit to my Sisters

I always try to see my grandchildren on their birthday at least during their young years.  If it is not possible for me to see my grandchild then I like to visit them as soon as possible.  This weekend Marti and I planned to not only see my granddaughter for her birthday; we were going to see our son Chris who was celebrating his birthday as well.  This was going to be one great weekend.  I developed a draft agenda for the weekend and sent it to Marti at her job for her approval.  She approved the draft and our weekend was planned. We would start at 6:00 am on Saturday and end almost 500 miles later, around 3:00 pm on Sunday.

I awoke Saturday a little before 6:00 am and prepared to start my visiting weekend.  We left the house around 7:00 am and were on our way to Citrus Heights, California.  Approaching the city of Elk Grove, California I called my cousin Anna Jean to see if it might be possible to visit my Aunt Grace and Uncle Jim.  I soon learned that today was not a good idea for a morning visit.  I understand that visiting my Aunt Grace and Uncle Jim is dependent on how they feel and other variables so I just try as often as possible and understand when it is not possible.  With that visit being cancelled I continued north on Highway 5 to Highway 80 heading east.  We were now heading to my granddaughter Caitlin’s new apartment.  She had just moved out of her mother’s home and was starting her adult life.

Marti and I stopped at a local super market and picked up some cookies and three gallons of milk as a welcome to her new apartment.  After calling Caitlin a few times we were able to locate the apartment and together with the gifts went to see her apartment.  Seeing her apartment brought back memories of the time, a very long time ago, when Monica and I moved into our first apartment.  The apartment was cute and just like all first apartments a little sparse on furniture.  I was very happy to see how proud Caitlin was about her new home.  She spoke about her plans to decorate and furnish her new home.  We also talked about her continuing school and following her dream of becoming a police officer.  I was so happy to hear her say that she was still reaching to complete her dream.  I cannot wait until I attend her induction into a police department.

Next stop was my daughter’s home in Citrus Heights, California where the birthday girl Braylin lives.  We arrived well before lunch time so we could visit with my daughter Deb, her two children Abby and Braylin, and Deb’s boyfriend John.  Abby and Braylin are Deb’s youngest children; her two oldest children Jordan and Caitlin have left the home of their youth to start their own home.  It is always a joy to see my daughter and her children.  The birthday girl, Braylin, is in first grade and doing well in school.  She is the youngest child in the family and always has a smile on her face for me.  Her sister, Abby, wants to be an actress in the theater when grown.  She has participated in her school plays, and attended summer theater workshops.  As I stated their oldest sister is Caitlin, she hopes to become a police officer.  Their brother, Jordan, was unable to attend because he was needed to take his girlfriend to the dentist.