Yesterday, I told you the story about my wonderful God Mother.  Soon after publishing I received calls from my siblings asking that I explain just a little more about my God Mother “Babe Mayo”.  As I stated yesterday, Babe was a wonderful person and a lovely lady.  She treated me as the special young man I was.  Babe never forgot my special days.  Starting with the beginning of the year, Babe would bring Easter Baskets to our home.  There was always one basket for each child.  One for my older sister Marianne, one for my baby sister Jessica, one for my younger brother Sammy, and of course one Easter Basket for me.  Oh yes I almost forgot, my Easter Basket was the largest of the four baskets.  In fact, it was larger than the other three combined.

The next most important day of the year was my birthday.  Babe Mayo never forgot my birthday.  She always arrived early and presented me with more than one birthday gift.  I could not open the presents until my actual birthday but that was Ok with me.  Babe’s gifts were always special and something that I had informed my mom I wanted for my birthday.  Babe knew how much I loved presents so she would never just bring me one great present. She would normally gift me with at least two special birthday gifts and a few small gifts for fun as well.  Babe made me feel super special each and every birthday.

The third and most wonderful day of the year was Christmas Day.  Again, my God Mother, Babe Mayo would bring Christmas gifts for me and my siblings.  Three presents went to my siblings, Marianne, Sam, and Jessica.  The remaining presents were mine for Christmas.  Even though I was given a few more presents than my siblings, it was fair because Babe was just my God Mother.  It was also fair because I was the oldest boy child of this Italian family.  I was the young Italian prince deserving of praise and gifts.

In addition to these three very important days each year there was her wonderful visits.  I remember that Babe Mayo would visit me at least three additional times each year.  In addition to her special and wonderful hugs and kisses she would surprise me with some kind of treat.  The best treats were the Italian cookies that Grandma Mayo made for me.  I always thanked my God Mother (because I was a polite young boy) and asked her to thank Grandma Mayo.  Then after answering her questions I would run off and give a cookie to each of my siblings.  With my bag now holding three cookies less I would look for a place to stash the goodies.  I think I had a fear that my siblings might want to eat more of my cookies.  Sometimes she would take me with her back to her home and I would play until my father would stop by to bring me home.

Special events always included another visit from my God Mother, Babe Mayo.  I know she was there for my Baptism.  She was there when I graduated from Kindergarten.  When I made my First Holly Communion, Babe was there. And she presented me with my first holly medal on a beautiful silver chain that I wore around my neck.  My sponsor for Confirmation was my Uncle Al but my God Mother came and presented me with a beautiful gift.  My graduation from grammar school would have been very sad if Babe Mayo had not arrived in time to give me her wonderful hug and kisses.  I felt like both a man and a young boy when I graduated from High School.  Yet my God Mother was there to congratulate me and shower me with hugs and kisses.

Babe Mayo, my God Mother, was there for my graduation from Collage and again when I graduated from my Masters program.  She blessed me with her presence at my marriage.  As I started a family of my own I would stop by and visit my God Mother at her home.  With my family expanding with the addition of my daughters we would all stop by and visit with Babe.  I am sad to say but my God Mother passed away before I could show her my first grandchild.