This event took place earlier this month but writing and proofing takes me time to complete.  I also have photos for when we visited the trees.  This story is a little long so it will take days to complete.

Marlen’s Birthday February 2012

We have plans for Marti’s birthday.  We are going to join my sister Jessica and her husband David in the California gold country.  Our first stop will be the small city of Murphy California.  The city of Murphy is located on the California highway 4.  It is east of California highway 49 and west of Arnold on highway 4.  We will only be in Murphy for a short time.  It will be our meeting place and a place to enjoy lunch on this first day of the trip.  My sister Jessica is bringing some homemade soup for us to enjoy for dinner.

With Jessica bringing soup I decided to bring some bread.  I went shopping on Thursday and was able to pick up some bread rolls from Gail’s Bakery.  I also stopped by a liquor store and picked up some beer and wine for the trip.  Next I went to my favorite produce place and pick out some fresh berries to bring along.  Finally I stopped at The Farm and selected one of their fruit tarts.  I was sure that the berries could be used for snacks, and the tart would be excellent as a desert or breakfast treat.  With my shopping completed I went home to pack for my trip on Friday.

Friday morning arrived and after departing my bed; I brushed my teeth, showered, shaved and combed my hair.  Refreshed I dressed and started to load the car.  Marti soon joined me and we were ready to start the drive to Murphy.  The drive to Murphy was expected to last around three and one half hours so we left our home and started the journey.  Heading south down highway one we continued until we started heading east on highway 129.  Approaching highway 101 we departed highway 129 and headed north on highway 101 until we connected on to highway 152.  Eastward  we passed the great San Louis Reservoir and continued east until we reached highway 165 and our direction changed to northeast.  This highway took us through the beautiful Wildlife Refuge and it was the first time I saw such an abundance of wild ducks.  Changing direction to north we turned onto highway 99 looking for highway number four. My mileage indicator was over 160 miles when we reached the turnoff for highway number four.  Heading east on a two lane highway we were anticipating our arrival time to be noon.  Murphy was a little more busy than normal.  However, we found a place to park the car and took a stroll through the town.