My Aunt Grace is in Heaven today!


In the middle of the night at around midnight my wonderful Aunt Grace departed this world and went straight to our Lord and God in Heaven.  I am sad at her passing for she was a very special person in my life.  Aunt Grace will be in my mind just as she has always been in my mind throughout my life.  My Aunt Grace was the most wonderful lady, a gentle wife, a most loving mother, an outstanding grandmother and great grandmother, and for me and her numerous nephews and nieces the most special Aunt.

Aunt Grace Federico my lovely Lady

I remember so many things about my Aunt Grace:

  • I think about her way of showing her love for you and her love for others
  • Her way of showing everyone respect
  • Her love of God
  • Her love of all of her family, from her Mom and Dad, to her brothers, to her husband Jim, to her in-laws, her children, her children’s children, her grandchildren’s children, her cousins
  • Her love of the special people who touched her life
  • Her way of guiding others away from the wrong path
  • Her skill in raising children, no matter who’s children they were
  • Her understanding of the difficult decisions young people must face and her skill to guide
  • How much she cared and understood the loss of someones loved one and how it felt by others
  • Her ability to offer a helping hand just when needed and just the right hand
  • Her skill to make her house a home not just for her family but for her extended family
  • Her skill to create a meal into a feast, I loved her cooking skills
  • To me she was as solid as a rock yet as gentile as a breeze.

    Aunt Grace Federico a Lady

I for one will truly miss my Aunt Grace and the wonderful expressions of her love

  • I can see her face light up when I would visit her home
  • I could her the excitement in her voice when I would call her from other places in the world
  • I could see the hurt in her eyes when I was in pain
  • I will miss our talks from a young boy, to a young man, to a man, and a lost old man
  • I will miss her hugs and kisses
  • I will miss her calling me Johnny

    My Aunt Grace

I will always love my Aunt Grace.


Aunt Grace

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My Aunt Grace

I want to tell you about my Aunt Grace!  She is a lovely woman who imparted a great deal of knowledge to this young boy.  My Aunt Grace is married to my Uncle Jim and is the sister of my father Frank James.  Her mother and father were my Grandparents, John and Mary, who emigrated from Italy.  She had a younger brother my special Uncle Jimmy.  She is the mother of four wonderful cousins, Anna Jean, Leonard, Janet and Gary.  She is to me someone who not only loved me but someone who loved to teach and guide me in my early years.

My first memory of my Aunt Grace was the day my Mom and Dad drove to Monterey, California for a visit.  I remember that the drive from San Jose California was long and I am sure I must have asked many times if we were there yet.  When we did arrive I remember a very long driveway with a beautiful house on my right and giant eucalyptus trees on my left.  Upon entering the house we were greeted by both my Aunt Grace and my Uncle Jim.

Hugs and kisses for everyone and we settled down to talk.  I was very young at this time but I remember that my oldest sister and my cousin Anna Jean went off to play.  I was just a little older than my cousin Leonard but we were happy to play together.  I loved the house in Monterey with its quaint charm and the wonderful smell of eucalyptus in the air.  I remember that Leonard and I were playing outside by the giant eucalyptus trees when I feel down and skinned my knee.  I think it hurt so bad that I went into the house crying.

It was my Aunt Grace who came to my rescue.  She rolled up my pants and looked at my skinned knee.  She then assured me that everything would be alright.  She cleaned my “boo boo” and applied some antiseptic to the damaged skin.  Aunt Grace called me Johnny and gave me another hug and kiss.  I was much better after that first aid treatment and my aunt had touched my heart.  I went outside and continued playing.

My Aunt Grace was a great cook.  I just loved her special meals.  Christmas Eve was outstanding with her crab Chioppino.  I also remembered that she made each house a home for her family.  Her family moved from Monterey and the next house I remember was a giant older home in Lodi California.  This house had a giant porch that covered not only the front of the home but one side of the house as well.  I remember sitting outside on the porch talking with my aunt Grace during a rain storm.  It was wonderful to hear my aunt talk and see the rain fall and yet be protected from the rain by sitting on the porch.

The next time I visited with my aunt Grace her family had moved to Sacramento California.  They had a wonderful home with a giant kitchen.  No matter how early I would rise in the morning as soon as I entered the kitchen I would be greeted with a good morning by my aunt.  It was at these times early in the morning that we had some of the best talks.  We talked about her early days as a sister to my father; we discussed growing up and the importance of family.  We talked about current events, impacts to the family, and what should make people happy.  We had long talks when my Grandfather was placed into a rest home.  We talked about my plans to get married.  There was nothing that I could not talk to my aunt Grace about.

Aunt Grace is a wonderful woman, who is a devoted wife, dedicated mother, and someone who truly knows how to spoil grandchildren.  I have always enjoyed my visits as well as just thinking about this lovely lady.

My Aunt and Uncles


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Now It is Back to my visit with my Aunt and Uncles!

The day started very early. I was up and out of bed at 5:30 am getting ready to drive to Monterey. I kissed Marti goodbye and was in my car and on the road by 6:30 am. I was excited as I head south on California highway number 1 to Monterey. I arrived just forty minutes later at my uncle Charley’s home. I was early but my uncle was dressed and greeted me at the door. Ginger entered the kitchen glanced at the clock and at me and said, “You are a Federico”. It seems we all get up early and like to get things done. I was honored to be linked directly to my mother Rose.

Soon my uncle Charley and I were in the car heading north on the California highway number 1. We were eager to meet up with my uncle Leonard. We would be meeting him in the town of Gilroy at the church where my uncle Charley married his departed wife, my aunt Lil. Turning off highway number 1 we were then heading east on California highway number 156 to US 101. We headed north on US 101 and soon we exited the highway driving down a main street in Gilroy. At the Church parking lot we found uncle Leonard. After saying our greetings we all entered the car and were now heading to California highway 152. We found the highway and we were soon heading east to US highway number 5. In time we reached US highway number 5 and now we were heading north to Sacramento.

A little more than one hundred miles up US 5 we were soon exiting the highway and driving to aunt Grace and uncle Jim’s home. We arrived at 11:30 am and we were greeted by my cousins Anna Jean and Janet, the daughters of my aunt Grace and uncle Jim. Uncle Jim was sitting in his chair whistling and watching everything that was going on around him. My aunt Grace was sitting in her chair and Janet was brushing her hair. At first aunt Grace looked a little confused and seemed to be trying to understand all the activity. I could tell that my aunt Grace was trying to understand all of the activity and it seemed that my uncle Jim was not concerned about the addition of people and activity.

First my uncles Charley and Leonard greeted both Grace and Jim individually. I followed my uncles greeting first my aunt followed by my greeting uncle Jim. It was obvious to me that neither aunt Grace nor uncle Jim had recognized me. I choose to take some photos of this wonderful occasion. I can only hope my photos are clear and that for once my photos are good enough to post. Well we all start talking Anna Jean is speaking to uncle Charley. Janet is speaking to uncle Leonard. I am taking photos and speaking to the care giver. Time goes by and after about forty minutes I notice my aunt Grace. She is staring at my uncle Charley after about a minute she smiles and her eyes brighten. She then moves her gaze to my uncle Leonard and again after about a minute she again smiles and her eyes brighten again. She then looks at me and I see that after another minute she again smiles and her eyes sparkle.

Just after this event, Janet finds a ball and starts to play catch with my uncle Jim. At first just Janet and uncle Jim are playing catch. Then Janet asks her father to toss the ball to his brother Charley. Uncle Jim hesitates for a few seconds and then he tosses the ball to uncle Charley. I am surprised and I continue to watch. Janet continues to toss the ball and requests her father to toss the ball to Charley, Leonard, or me. With each request uncle Jim tosses the ball to the right person. Janet also tossed the ball to her mother who would catch it and then toss it back to Janet or she would just bat the ball back to Janet. We continued talking, catching, and enjoying the time with both aunt Grace and uncle Jim. A little before 1:00 pm the care taker needed to take aunt Grace and then she was going to feed both aunt Grace and uncle Jim.

Aunt and Uncles


My Uncle Leonard and Uncle Charley

I am going to interrupt the story about my trip to Ecuador to tell you about my trip to Sacramento! After this short story I will return to my story about Ecuador.

A Visit to my Uncle Jim and My Aunt Grace

About two weeks ago my Uncle Charley mentioned to me how my Aunt Grace my need to receive more care. My uncle seemed very concerned about my aunt Grace so I mentioned that I was free on December 2nd and 3rd and would like to drive him up to Sacramento. I was planning to visit my daughter and grandchildren who live in Citrus Heights that weekend. Citrus Heights is just a little north of Sacramento less than ten miles. It would be easy for me to drive up to Sacramento with my uncle Charley and visit my aunt Grace and uncle Jim. Then I could go visit my daughter and her family. The next day I could leave my daughter’s home and stop at my aunt Grace and uncle Jim’s home. I would pick up my uncle Charley and we could return to his home in Monterey, California. In fact for me it would be much more fun to drive up to Sacramento with my uncle Charley. I was hopeful my uncle Charley would accept my invitation.

About four days later my uncle Charley asked if I was still planning to head up to Sacramento and if so he would like to accompany me. I was very happy. I was going on a drive with my uncle Charley. Uncle Charley is one of my departed mothers’ brothers. He is a very wonderful person and is just 95 years old! I was looking forward to our drive. In addition to the drive, I would be stopping to visit both my aunt Grace and uncle Jim it was going to be a one in a million adventure. We worked out the details for the trip and all I needed to do was wait for Friday December 2nd.

I do not remember the exact date but prior to our departure date I received a call from my uncle Charley checking in with me and to let me know that my uncle Leonard wanted to join us on our trip to Sacramento. What a lucky man I was. I was going to visit my aunt Grace and uncle Jim with my uncle Leonard and uncle Charley. Earlier in the month I had stopped by my uncle Leonard and aunt Doris home for a visit. At that time I was able to visit with my aunt Doris but my uncle Leonard was working at his home in Boulder Creek. Again I was happy. I was now going to Sacramento with my two uncles Charley and Leonard. Together we were going to visit aunt Grace and uncle Jim.

It may be time for me to give you a little history at this time. My deceased mother, Rose (Federico) Giudicessi had one sister, Connie (Federico) Peyrounat who is departed and five brothers, Samuel, and Dominic, both departed and then James (Jim), Charles (Charley), and Leonard. My deceased father Frank James Giudicessi had one sister, Grace (Giudicessi) Federico and one deceased brother Jimmy Giudicessi. I think this explains my happiness. I was going on a trip with my two special uncles to visit my special aunt and uncle and I would be able to see them all in one day.

My aunt Grace is the sister of my departed father Frank James Giudicessi. She married my uncle Jim (James Federico) who was the brother of my departed mother Rose Marie (Federico) Giudicessi. Aunt Grace and uncle Jim had four children, Anna Jean, Leonard, Janet and Gary. My mother and father (Frank and Rose Giudicessi) had four children as well, Maryanne, John, Sam, and Jessica. The eight children enjoyed their childhood by spending summers together. We also enjoyed spending time with my departed aunts and uncles children. (You can view our whole family at Geni on the web.) Well I hope this helps to explain my joy to be driving with my two uncles to see my aunt and uncle.