It was time to start our drive to the Chapel Hill church. So we changed into our church outfits and said goodbye to Reg and Judy’s home, The Lopez House. Into my city sedan we all sat. We were to return by the same road that took us to the Lopez house. Not wanting to be called a “Winnie” and to prove to Judy that I already had a pair. I forged the river quickly with my city sedan and after hearing a giant bolder crash into my car we were soon on the other side. Watching out for giant potholes and new fallen rocks we drove the country road back to civilization. We dropped Alex and Whit off at their car and soon we were heading up to the Chapel. We arrived with a little time to spare and I dropped the girls off and I drove up a mountain so I could park the car. After parking I had to trek back to the Chapel.

You could say that there were lots of gentlemen at the wedding because it seems like all men are dropping their ladies off at the Chapel and then driving their car up another mountain to park and trek back to the Chapel. The wedding was very nice but all I could think about was how much money was spent on the ladies hair styles as the wind whipped everyone’s hair into a windblown style. The ceremony continued until Paula and John were now husband and wife. With the wedding ceremony over we needed to head over to the reception. Yes that meant that we now had to climb up the mountain to my parked car. Just a little winded we all arrived at the top of the hill and sat down inside the car. Rested we were soon driving off to the reception that was to take place in Pasa Roles, CA at the Park Ballroom.

The reception was very beautiful and it followed the traditional wedding reception. We found a table and soon were enjoying a glass of wine. Ellen, Jerry, Joined us at our table and we talked and enjoyed the reception. The reception was almost over when we choose to leave and return to Judy’s Cayucas beach home for Saturday night. Prior to stopping at the beach house we dropped Judy off at Reg’s home on the wharf. We found the girls (Alex and Whitney) asleep in the cottage so we headed to our room and we were soon fast asleep. Awaking the next morning I am greeted by Judy, Alex and Whitney all talking about Marti’s visit last night. The next thing I remember is the visit with Ellen and Jay who arrive with breakfast. Next I am enjoying some coffee and breakfast. After a pleasant visit we all say goodbye and we are heading north up to Aptos, CA. our home.