Colonoscopy — will it end ?


The medicine had started to help clean out my Colon. I found myself sitting on the throng as the medicine and whatever was still in my bowels began to poure out of my body. No sooner would I think that the medicine was done and as I would try to get up off the throng then another rumble would start and I was back sitting on the throng with both the medicine and anything still in my bowels pouring out of my body and into the bowl. OMG this was not fun. Up, down and up down again and again the process just would not stop. Soon my bottom hurt from the soft toilet paper, I then had to switch to baby wipes. The baby wipes helped a lot and I wondered why I had not started using them much earlier. I thought to myself when would it end. When would my system be clean of the remaining food particles. After a few hours this dumping process slowed. I found that I had enough time to lie down and rest in between my stays on the throng. Around 11:30 pm that night it seemed to finally stop. It was then that I fell asleep.

I awoke at five o’clock and prepared myself for the Colonoscopy test that was scheduled for today. After brushing my teeth and taking a shower I felt the need to return to the bathroom again and sit on the throng. Surprise, the residual medicine and remaining water just shot out of me. The next thing I knew the movement was over and I could get dressed and leave. Soon we were in the car and heading over the hills on our way to the surgery center. Thank goodness Marti was with me. It was her that gave me the strength to see this process through to the end. In fact I had even forgiven her for making the tuna melt the night before.

After stopping so Marti could refill her coffee mug we entered the parking lot to the surgery center. I gave Marti a kiss goodbye and then we strolled into the surgery center hand in hand. I filled out the necessary forms and provided my driver’s license and my health insurance card. Then I waited for my name to be called.


The Colonoscopy — continues and continues

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Just as I swallow my last gulp my memory kicks into super fast forward. Now I remember it was not the amount of liquid it was the taste, or the after taste, or heck it was just how bad the stuff really is that hit my like a ton of dead fish. I was going to need to drink eight more glasses of this crap. Could I do it? Could I force myself to drink seven more glasses of such terrible stuff. Oh no, why oh why, did the doctor need to prescribe this medicine. I thought of calling the doctor but realized he would have left the office by this time. I kept thinking about what I could do. As I thought and worried my alarm went off.

Oh no it was time for another glass of the crap. I poured the stuff into my glass and lifted it to my mouth. Could I do it again and again I thought. Well, I had starved myself all day, I paid for the medicine and it only had a shelf life of one day, so again I drank the terrible tasting stuff. I did this two more times and then it was time for me to drink sixteen ounces of water. I was not sure but I was not going to give up now I was almost half way through the prep. I drank and the water tasted great. Wow the next thing I knew was that I had downed all sixteen ounces. I could drink a gallon of liquid I only had trouble drinking that terrible tasting crap. Thank God I had finished the first liter of medicine so l now had a two-hour break before I had to start my final liter of medicine.

During this two-hour break from drinking the horrible medicine Marti came home. I quickly told her all about the terrible liquid medicine and how difficult it was to drink the first liter. I went on to explain that I was just half way through the process and I had another liter to go. Only when I drank another liter would I complete process. She sounded very understanding and consoled me in this my time of need. Feeling better that I had someone on my side I next told her all about my hunger. Again, her words were comforting and she was most understanding. Then it happened again and the alarm went off. Oh no it was time to start the process all over again.

After four more miserable times with each one worst than the last time I realized that I was done. Truly it is the worst tasting stuff in the whole world. I was now drinking my last sixteen ounces of water. The water just as before went down smoothly. I was so happy that it was finally over. Thinking just how lucky I was to have completed this vile medical process my nose picked up the odor of food. I sniffed the air. Yes it was food in fact it smelled like Tuna. I was now hungry all over again. Where was that wonderful odor coming from? I followed my nose and there right in front of my eyes was Marti fixing a Tuna melt sandwich and it was with cheese. How could she be making something so delicious when I was so hungry. She said that she had not eaten dinner so she choose to made herself a Tuna melt with cheese.

Is that any reason to tease my tummy with something as exquisite as a Tuna melt. My hunger flared and the next thing I knew was that I asked her if she was going to made me one as well. She politely reminded me that I could not eat until sometime after the test tomorrow. I look and I took a deep smell of the sandwich. It looked perfect and its order teased my tummy. In fact I do not think anything could smell or look so good with me feeling the way I felt right now. I was ready to pick up the sandwich and take a giant bite. Then it struck. The vile tasting medicine had begun to work. I ran to the bathroom.

The Colonoscopy — continues

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Well as I leave this doctors office I head to the drug store to have my prescription filled. I am informed by the druggist that it will take some time to fill the prescription so I choose to return to the drug store at another time. I leave the drug store and head to the grocery store to pick up some liquids for my liquid diet. At the grocery store I select some seven-up, beef stock, and some tea I pay my bill at the checkout counter and return to the drug store. My prescription is ready, so I pay and leave the drug store with the package in my hand. I am now ready to start the process for my test.

Today I start my liquid diet. Tomorrow is the day of the Colonoscopy. I am ready. Marti said she will take the day off work to assist me. So I am totally prepared to start my liquid diet. At this time I should let you know that I am someone who can eat or skip breakfast. So the early part of the day goes very well. However around noon I am hungry so I drink some tea, followed by beef broth. I notice that I drank a total of thirty-six ounces of liquid in less than fifteen minutes. I think that the medicine I must take later in the day is going to be easy. Oh no, it is just one thirty and I am hungry again. This time I try some seven-up. I find myself hungry again and it is only two thirty. I know that I have gone longer without food but today I sure am hungry.

The late afternoon drags by and all I think about is how hungry I am. This must be some kind of physiological trick my mind is playing on my body. Just because I was told that I cannot eat all I can do is think about eating. No wonder I feel so hungry and can only think about food for the rest of the afternoon. Somehow I get through the few remaining hours and it is time to drink my medicine. I laugh to myself as I remember how easy it was to drink sixteen ounces of water, broth or seven-up early in the day. Drinking the medicine should be a piece of cake. (I should not say or think Cake, I am way too hungry.) I pour my first eight ounces of medicine into a glass. The liquid is clear and it smells just like lemonade. I lift the glass and down my first eight ounces of the medicine.