In the fall of 1946 Frank and Rose were blessed with a beautiful baby boy.

They were speechless with the beauty of this child and as we all know there is something special about the first Italian son born to Italian parents. They choose to name this special young man John Alan, after his grandfather, and thanked God every day for blessing them with such a wonderful boy child. Shortly after the arrival of this child Frank and Rose were provided another boy child. This child was named Samuel, he was named after Rose’s father, but please remember he was the second boy child, not the first, so he could not be as important as first born boy John. We really do not know how (and I am sure that Frank and Rose did not know either) but some time later a fourth child was born to Frank and Rose. This child was a beautiful baby girl named Jessica after Rose’s mother. So as you can see that Frank and Rose Giudicessi Family had begun.

Marianne and her first husband Gary Stephen had three boys Frank, Gary and Brian. Marianne and Gary divorced and after a reasonable time both remarried. Marianne married Bill Corcoran, and they have been very happy for 18 years. John Alan’s and his wife Monica (now deceased) were married for thirty-eight years and had two daughters Deborah and Susan. John’s family now consists of his two daughters, his partner Marti and her two children Alexandra and Chris. Sam’s and his first wife Gail had two children Rose and his deceased son Jerome. His divorced wife Gail will always remain a Giudicessi family member.

Sam and his wife Debbie have been together for many years now. Jessica’s family consists of husband David and their three children, two sons Josh and David, and one daughter Jennifer.

The four children of Frank and Rose Giudicessi and their families would become the initial group to participate in the reunion.

The event takes place at the “Buonarroti Ristorante” in Lincoln, California

starting at 1:30 pm and ending at 4:30 pm. The adult menu comprised of the following:
Garden Salad with House Vinaigrette, Fresh Baked Baguette with garlic butter, and a choice of one of the following entrees:
Three Cheese Ravioli Stuffed with ricotta cheese, mozzarella, and parmesan cheese tossed in our signature red sauce
Chicken Piccata Boneless breast of chicken sautéed in white wine, lemon, garlic, and capers, served with sautéed vegetables
Skirt Steak Marinated in citrus juices, grilled to perfection and topped with fresh gorgonzola cheese. Served with sautéed seasonal vegetables
Followed by your choice of one
Dessert: Tuxedo Mousse Cake, the Lemon Cake was lost so all who ordered it were out of luck.
The Kids Menu
includes a beverage and a scoop of vanilla ice cream and one of the following:
Chicken Strips with French Fries
Spaghetti with garlic butter or red sauce you can add meatballs
Buonarroti’s Mac and Cheese
Cheese Pizza and you can add pepperoni