Throughout my young life I had to share a room with my brother Sam.  I was the good young boy, and my brother Sam was the messy younger brother.  One of the rules of the house had to do with our shared room.  We were required to pick up our room each day and fix our bed before leaving for school.  In addition to this daily chore, on Saturdays we had to change the bed linen, fix the bed, and then clean the room.  Cleaning the room included: bed fixed with the sheets tucked in at 45 degree angles, everything picked up off of the floor and placed in its proper place, all furniture needed to be dusted and polished, all toys and games needed to be placed into their proper place, and finally our desk area needed to be neat and orderly.  All this needed to be done before Sam and I could exit the house and start our yard work.

Yard work for Sam and I was split with me responsible for the front yard area and San responsible for the back yard area.  The front yard area consisting of three lawns, two garden areas, and both the left and right side yards up to the back yard.  In addition to the front yard I was responsible for my Mother and Fathers beautiful rose garden.  The back yard area was mostly cement with just two small lawn areas with my dad taking care of all of the garden areas, including the vegetable garden.  Sam had it pretty easy not only when it came to yard work but he also did less work when cleaning our room.

I was the child who awoke early in the morning.  So as soon as I got out of bed on Saturday I would strip my bed and remade it with clean linen.  I took extra special care to tuck the bottom sheet in with 45 degree corners so it would stay neat and crisp for the upcoming week.  We did not have fitted sheets for my bed until I grow up.  Next was the top sheet but this sheet only needed to be tucked in at the bottom of the bed with just two 45 degree corners.  Then the blanket was placed on the bed and it too was tucked in at the bottom of the bed with just two 45 degree corners.  Finally the bed spread was placed neatly on the bed with the pillow tucked under the bed spread.  After this outstanding effort to make the bed I would move on to the next Saturday task.

Because I was such a neat young man, picking up the clutter on the floor was never that difficult.  I found that I was mostly picking up items that my sloppy brother had left and failed to return to their proper place in our room.  With both my clothes and my brothers in the hamper, toys returned to their rightful place and miscellanies items put away I would start to dust.  It was easy to dust my nightstand because it was always neat and orderly.  The dresser that I shared with my brother was another story.  One of us was a little piggy!  It seemed to me that every Saturday I had to clean up for my messy brother because he was still asleep in bed.  I needed to get outside and finish my work so I could then do things on my own.  Sam slept and it was me who dusted the dresser.

I never told my mom or my dad but I knew that they both helped my lazy brother Sam with his Saturday chores.  I was sure it was not fair but I am sure you remember that he was the one who faked his breathing problems when he was an infant.