We were all hungry so Jessica prepared dinner for all of us.  We had a dinner of peppers and sausage sandwiches with a special homemade salad.  The peppers and sausage was excellent and it reminded me of my mother’s peppers and sausage dish.  Jessica prepared the buns with a butter and garlic spread followed by toasting the buns.  The buns by themselves were delicious but stuffed with the peppers and sausage they moved to outstanding.  The salad was refreshing and went well with the sandwiches.  The dressing on the salad was excellent; it brought out the crisp fresh flavors of the leafs and other items within the tossed salad.  We finished dinner and continued talking and telling stories.  After dinner and talking, Jenny and David left the house with their families.  Marti and I went upstairs for a good night sleep.

I awoke Sunday morning and after checking to see if Marti was awake I decided to wait for Marti to wake up.  She was awake about thirty minutes after I had gotten up.  We bathed straighten out the room and headed downstairs.  Jessica and David greeted us as we entered the kitchen.  We were ready to start the last leg of our weekend trip.  Today, we will be driving to San Francisco California.  Our son Chris is celebrating his 19th birthday today.  After saying goodbye to my sister and brother-in-law, Marti and I started the drive to THE CITY.  Our driving plan was simple once we enter the US 80 heading west we will continue until arriving in San Francisco.

This was to be Chris’s first birthday away from home.  Chris had moved to San Francisco almost six months ago.  Marti and I miss Chris a lot but we understand that children need to fly from the nest.  We were bringing some basic items to Chris for his use.  The car trunk was full of microwaveable food items.  In addition to the food items there were two boxes of cupcakes, paper towels, toilet paper, and a piggy bank with lots of quarters.  I guess all parents worry after their child leaves the nest.  This worrying motivates parents to bring basic items for their child to use.  This also lessens the guilt felt by parents as we see our child start to mature.

After clearing out the trunk we headed to a nice Mexican restaurant for Sunday brunch.  We were all happy because the brunch menu was very good.  The restaurant served hot homemade corn tortillas that were delicious.  I do not think that fresh hot homemade corn tortillas compare to any other type of tortillas.  We talked, laughed, and had a great time as we enjoyed our brunch.  Much too soon, our brunch was over and it was time for Marti and I to return home.  We drove Chris back to his apartment and said our goodbyes.  Now it was time to start our drive home to Aptos California.