Finances for Retirement

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Next I needed to stop thinking about my finances and other assets. I had to select someone or some company to manage my holdings. I went about this task as if I were selecting someone to work directly for me. I created a job description and included a list of required work experience. I then went on the search for a financial consultant. I soon learned that there are a lot of people who think they are a financial consultant but in fact they are just sales people.

I cannot say just how often I heard the same type of sales pitch. The only difference in the sales pitches were how good the Company they represented could handle my holdings. Oh lucky me. Just think, if I selected one of these sales people I would pay them a percent of my total holdings and they would follow their Companies guide. Not much thinking and my holdings are held in funds managed or approved by one Company. The Company’s purpose is to increase profit and shareholders’ value; their purpose is not to improve my holdings.
After screening multiple consultants and meeting with more than one dozen, I finally selected someone who met my job description. This person was qualified to manage my holdings. He met all of my job requirements and he was someone I felt I could trust. This person was a degreed individual (in finance) with a CPA. He had years of experience, a successful business, holdings of his own, and past success of his own. He had selected the financial intuitions’ my holdings would be invested with, along with his own holdings. He understood my goals and purpose for the holdings. Another item completed from my list.

With the selection of this person some of my other items became completed with his help and evaluation. He performed an evaluation of my holdings and was able to determine that they should outlast me. He based this on the probability that I would not live past 110. That evaluation solved my item number three concern and that was to determine if I had the resources needed for my remaining years.

Together we then developed my one year finance budget based on my current wants and desires. This budget allowed me two major vacations each year plus two minor vacations. In addition, I could maintain my homes and when going out to eat, enjoy my meal at something other than a fast food burger bar. Heck, I could even enjoy some wine and it did not need to come in a box.

Well I plan to share this information with my children and extended family and I will, just not today.


My Retirement Plan

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In order for me to take charge of myself, I needed to create a list of things that would make my remaining years the best.  This is the list of items I developed.

1)   I would like to have a partner in order to enjoy my remaining life.

2)    I need to find someone who will manage my finances.

3)    I need to make sure I have all the resources for my remaining years.

4)    I need to develop a one year finance budget based on my plans.

5)    I must share my plan with my children and some of my extended family.

6)    Identify things to do that really make me happy.

7)    Develop a yearly plan that will satisfy my needs.

I was now on my way to a happy retirement.  I had some work to do but each of these tasks directly impacted me.  They were the items that would aid me to be happy in my future years.   So I started to complete my own list.

Item number one was to locate a partner.  What was I to do?  I am a widower who had been married for thirty-eight years and my wife and I had dated for four years before getting married.  I had been out of the single market for forty-two years.  I did not have the first idea about finding a partner. I was in high school when I meet my wife but that was not an option now.  (I would be arrested.)  So I started to look around my home, (you know, the neighborhood, the food store, cleaners, barbers and of course the hardware store) and the offices I visited (like my doctors, dentist, optometrist, tax consultant, and my attorney).

It did not take long to rule out my home turf.  Thinking back to when my wife passed away I remembered the wonderful neighborhood ladies who brought me food during my time of mourning.  They were nice but I did not remember a spark.  The barbers and the hardware stores were very bad hunting grounds due to the lack of females present.  That left the food store and the cleaners.  The cleaner was soon cut from my list because most times I was the only person dropping something off.  I then tried to focus on the food store.  What a learning experience.  I thought women love to shop.  They may love to shop but not for food.  They arrive, they pick, they pay and they are gone.

Then a friend told me about “”.  After thinking and thinking and thinking again about this method of meeting women I choose to give it a try.  I had to develop a profile, create photos, and improve my method of chatting on line.  The profile was easy.  I just said what was true.  I was a widow, had a job, planned to retire very soon, and was looking for a long term relationship.  The photos were much more difficult.  There was not one photo that looked like the way I saw myself.  Can you believe that?  So I had a friend select the photos and soon they were posted.  How would I meet the chatting goal?

What a lucky guy I am.  I soon discovered that I did not have to chat on line.  I could just respond to any inquiries or questions submitted to me.  My two finger typing skill would not limit me in meeting potential new partners.  I was very thankful for spell check as well.  With my typing speed and spelling problems resolved I moved forward and posted myself on  After one week without a response I realized that as the man I must do the hunting.  So off I went.

I soon discovered that women are much more cautious about who they will provide additional information like a phone number or where they live.  I found that it was easier to meet them at a very public place.  Soon Starbucks and I became friends.  I also learned that a lot of women do not own cameras.  That was why the photo at was taken so many years before they joined  Sometimes I would pass right
by the lady, I was there to meet.  I also learned how much fun there was in the whole dating seen.

I meet one lady who was only interested in the fact that I was a US citizen.  She was here in the USA to visit her daughter who had married another US citizen and she wanted to stay in the USA.  Lucky for me she had someone read my e-mail to her and that same person assisted her in the response.  It was my poor luck that she did not bring that person along to interpret for us during our first and last meeting.

I also meet two different ladies who were very interested in my overall financial health.  They were not looking for someone who was in debt, but someone who would enjoy taking care of them in their golden years.  They did not care much about my physical health, though I felt they would have preferred that my physical health was not real good.  Lucky for me I had both a doctor and a dentist appointment scheduled for the
following week.  I passed both health checkups and both ladies at the same time.

I know that women must kiss lots of frogs before they find a prince.  I was no prince but I was not a frog either.  I was starting to become discouraged in the whole dating game.  I was ready to pull the plug and try something else.  Heck living alone started to look better and
better with each new lady.  Then it happened.  I meet her.

She was a widow, from a long term marriage.  She had two children, two dogs, and a successful career.  She thought I was cute and she liked me.  She told me that her two children were her number one priority and that that was not going to change.  Well what was I to do?  I thought she was beautiful, and I really liked spending my free time with her.  I had my two children and along with my grandchildren they were my number one
priority.  I had no pets, a successful career and was a widow from a long marriage.  I was happy.  We continued to date and learn more and more about each other.

It did not take us long to find out that we were happier together than apart.  We started spending more and more time with each other.  We even talked about moving in together.  Soon we were together more than we were apart.  Life had a new smile.  We took the big step and we started to share our living quarters.  In fact, we are still together today as I write this blog.