With all good intentions I attended school with an eager enthusiasm to learn.  The first lessens this young child was taught had to do with rules.  I needed to understand that I was no longer the young Italian prince I thought I was.  I became just another student in a class of fifty students.  This was very unfamiliar to me the little Italian prince.  At home my mother loved and cared for me and each of my needs.  My older sister, Marianne, catered to me when mom was watching, but this young prince needed to watch out when we were alone.  My younger brother, Sam, disrupted my much needed attention from my mother, just because he had a little difficulty breathing.  He was the second boy born into our Italian family so he must have known he was not as important as me.  I think that is why he started his life with some breathing problem.  All Sam really wanted was to steal mom away from me.  It did not work Mom still loved me the best.

Well back to my school life.  I really did not have problems with school work.  I had problems with rules.  I was a young Italian prince and I did not need to follow rules.  This became best understood by me when I was a third grader.  In Sister Julie’s class if you misbehaved you had to stay after school and catch the late bus with the older students. This was thought to be a tough punishment for third graders because you would not arrive home on time.  This was a signal to your parents that you were in trouble and would need to explain what occurred at school.  I thought it would be a bad thing because I might miss the Rin Tin Tin TV show.  Thinking back to my third grade time this type of punishment really was not so bad.  In second grade the teacher made me stand in the corner of the room, and that was not so bad either.

Well Sister Julie made just one mistake when I had my first detention in her class.  After all the other students left class to return home, I was the only student left to serve my detention.  Sister Julie had me sit up straight with my hands folded together on the top of my desk.  She then left the room stating that she would be right back.  Of course as soon as she left, my hands became unfolded and I slouched in my desk.  She surprised me with how quickly she returned causing me to quickly sit up straight and fold my hands on top of my desk.  Much to my surprise in her hands she had two Ice Cream Bars!  She came close to me and handing me one of the Ice Cream Bars, she then sat down next to me and begin talking about behaving better in class.

I do not remember much of what she said to me, but I do remember just how tasty that fifty-fifty Ice Cream Bar was.  It was just one week later and I needed to stay after class once again for detention.  Guess what!  The same thing happened again.  I got an Ice Cream Bar and Sister Julie explained why it would be nice if I behaved in class.  Darn those Ice Cream Bars were really good and all I needed to do was misbehave to get one.  Life had just improved for this young Italian prince.

There were no Ice Cream bars in fourth grade, nor were there any Ice Cream bars in any of my other grades but there was lots and lots of detention.  See how bad an Ice Cream bar can be!