Judy's brunch area and living room

Living Room with Rock Fireplace

Looking out the windows from the living room side

Looking out the windows at the brunch table

Alex and Whitney at the corner of Judy's Beach House

The rock from Judy's house - Morrow Bay

rock at sunset

fireplace outside in the garden at Judy's house

We finished dinner without eating the Ice Cream and were soon off to Judy’s home. We arrived about twenty minutes later at the beach home. I have been here once before but even though this is my second time I am struck by the beauty of the garden, the view of the beach, and the warmth inside Judy’s home. Entering the house I feel like I just walked into an art exhibit. Nothing just waits for you to notice it. As your eyes wander items just jump into view, a kaleidoscope of color and interesting things start your mind to wander. Of course you are instantly struck by the rock fireplace that at first seems way too large for the room but then you notice a boat ore hanging on the ceiling beam and other things that attract your eye. Items like a jewel doll or an etched glass of a fairy. A bookcase filled with all types of books on the second floor that you access by a staircase and then a construction walkway. Plants are placed in just the right spots so that they impress you with their beauty and draw your eyes to other items of interest. I could go on and on but I think you can understand. It was late so off to bed we went. I was lulled to sleep by the sound of the surf gently breaking against the shore.

Morning came much too soon and we were off to meet up with the girls and then go see the Lopez house. We were a little late but soon we arrived and found Alexandra and Whitney in the downtown Arroyo Grande area. Thank goodness for cell phones we had trouble finding the restaurant and Alex had to flag us down in the street. She said we were getting old. We stopped for breakfast. After driving down the main street of the city the girls choose “The Village Café” for our breakfast meal. It was around 10:30 am so I thought lunch might be best for me. We were seated and after asking we were informed that lunch could be ordered but anything that needed to be deep-fried would not be allowed. Two of us ordered breakfast and two ordered lunch. Two poached eggs, one with bacon and a biscuit, and the other eggs with sausage and wheat toast were our breakfast order. The eggs were cooked as ordered, and both the bacon and sausage were cooked well. Compliments went to the country biscuit for both its size and fluffy inside. The lunch orders were a hamburger and a grilled cheese sandwich. They were ok but I was not so happy with the side of hash brown potatoes. (Another note: I suggest that if it is morning just order breakfast.)