Well we were now on our way to the Lopez house. Judy was providing directions to me and the ladies were busy talking as usual. Alex started to look pale and it seemed that she was suffering from motion sickness. We stopped and moved Alex from the back seat to the front seat and that solved the problem. We continued down the road on our way to the Lopez house. We were driving on a real country road with large potholes, and large rocks that fell from the hills. In addition to the road hazards the road would change from paved to gravel. I think the road was still paved but the gravel must have fallen off the mountain and covered the road. Driving very carefully I was able to avoid the holes and large rocks but as we were approaching the property where the Lopez house was built the road dipped. The road dipped so that a small creek could cross the road during the heavy raining season. Soon I noticed that the creek meandered back and forth crossing the road multiple times. Each time the creek crossed the road the road dipped. Marti asked Judy if there was any time that the road became closed due to flooding. Judy explained that it has happened but that it was more likely to happen at the Lopez property because the creek always passes over the road. The next thing I knew we were at the top of a rise on the road looking down at a river flowing across the road. Judy pointed across the river and told me to cross the river in my car. I hesitated at the top of the rise and looked at the river below. My car is a sedan built for city driving on paved roads and it does not have four-wheel drive. As Judy told me to grow a pair and stop being a “Winnie” I eased my car over the rise and into the river. I could feel the force of the river trying to push my car down the stream. Lucky for me we made it across the river and in a few hundred feet we were parked and looking at the outside of the Lopez House.

The house is beautiful and it would have been worth having my car float downstream. We exited the car and stopped to check out the house and its surroundings. The house is built on four pillars above a pleasant meadow facing a large cliff face that rises hundreds of feet into the sky. The cliff face is well covered with various trees and the stream meanders through the meadow. Trees abound close by the stream and are found on the other side of the meadow as well. Judy informed me that she has seen bears, deer, beavers, and other wild animals found in the California coastal range. The area abounds with many species of wild birds and of course all of the necessary insects.

The house sits on the right hand side and about half way into the meadow. You can either park in the meadow and access the house by walking up a stairway or drive up the road and park on the hill next to the house and then walk down a path to the home. Either way you will then enter the first floor. Those who park on the hill enter the house from a beautiful wood door that opens into the living room. Those who park in the meadow walk up some stairs and enter the living room by passing through two giant glass doors. The doors are at least eight feet wide and twelve feet high. The glass doors are tinted yet it does not detract from the magnificent view. Once inside you can feel the presence of both Reg and Judy. Reg is very talented with wood and metal. His work with either media is more art than just exquisite woodwork or metalwork. I was struck by the use of a large tree limb as support for the staircase to the bedroom on the second floor. Each electrical cover was hand painted and added greatly to the unique home design. The pot belly stove was an antique that was embellished with musical instruments and some nickel plating. I was sure the pot belly stove works well but the artistry touch made it belong to the Lopez home. Into the bathroom I walked and again I was amazed by Reg’s skill with wood. He had made two sinks totally from one piece of wood. The makeup table was hand crafted by Reg and again you saw art more than function. Turning I was surprised to see a very large shower. The shower looked to be at least five feet wide by five feet deep with a ceiling at least twelve feet high. This giant shower was set in the corner of the room with two walls of frosted glass doors that could be opened to the outdoors. Thus allowing the bather the opportunity to shower and enjoy all that nature has to offer. The kitchen area was brilliant from a very nontraditional refrigerator to special custom “Reg Made” cabinets.

Overcome with the beauty as well as the small intimate details found throughout the first floor I walked up the stairs and into the bedroom. This is just way too hard to try to describe in words. I feel like someone trying to describe the Sistine Chapel to someone who is blind. The bed is nothing short of another work of art with unique touches. The room feels so light and airy with windows and sliding glass doors that led out to the second floor deck. The majesty of the mountain and the joy of the meadow meet and will rock you to sleep. This house is the home of our friends Reg and Judy. It is a work of love that displays the feeling that Reg and Judy have towards each other. I was honored to be able to see this work of love and art.